The Digital Velocity Awards

At the very heart of an organisation lie the pathways to go beyond limitations. Those who push outward create the future. Daring others to follow their lead in order to turn possibilities into reality.

Do you know of an individual or organisation who uses Tealium to lead the way?
It could be you!
If so, submit an entry for this year’s Digital Velocity Awards.

Winners of the Digital Velocity Awards will be announced at the Awards Dinner during
Digital Velocity London on Tuesday 6th June 2017.
Entry deadline: Wednesday 17th May 2017 at 17:30 GMT

The Categories:

Marketing Maverick
(Best overall marketing strategy)
You’ve got to where you are today because you’re not afraid to take risks. You follow the path of marketing disruption and innovation to reach your target audience. You turn traditional marketing methods on their head, because today’s consumers expect more; they expect change; they expect the unexpected. With a ‘bricks ‘n’ clicks’ mentality, you’re able to build a 360-degree view of your customer by connecting online campaigns with offline interactions throughout the customer journey.
Data Governor
(Best example of data privacy compliance and value exchange)
With data privacy legislation hotting up, you are ready to meet the challenges that lay ahead. Customer privacy lies at the core of your organisation and your privacy-compliant data handling processes are second to none. With a unified approach to data, you are able to win loyal customers by highlighting the benefits of a fair data exchange. You achieve this by executing highly-personalised marketing campaigns while remaining sensitive – and compliant – to your customers’ expectations of privacy.
The Mobiliser
(Most effective mobile-first strategy)
Now that mobile is synonymous with how customers interact with a brand while on-the-go, your organisation is on-hand to meet their every whim. Desktop alone is not enough and your marketing strategy now incorporates a whole host of mobile-first channels from wearable tech to IoT and OTT. Your customers expect highly engaging, real-time interactions, regardless of device, and it’s your job to provide a seamless experience throughout the path to purchase – you are the master of mobile.
The Stack Master
(Best use of a multi-vendor stack to drive a customer-centric strategy)
For too long, organisations have relied on multiple systems to cope with increasing volumes of customer data and as a result, ineffective, disjointed communications have left consumers out in the cold. Your deployment of a multi-vendor marketing technology stack has saved the day; your customer is now firmly centre-stage, while you build the necessary tools around them to enable timely, relevant messaging that not only keeps them engaged, but repeatedly coming back for more.
The Transformer
(Best transformation of an organisation)
To keep up with the digital revolution, you have gone beyond your own expectations to drive innovation and change. Your organisation’s goal is to stand out from the marketing crowd and deliver campaigns that cause a furore among consumers and competitor brands. You have achieved this – or are about to achieve this – by rewriting the strategic rulebook and executing a disruptive campaign which is tangibly delivering against its objectives; a true marketing milestone for others to follow.
The Connector
(Best example of connecting data across multiple silos to improve customer communications)
Data, data, everywhere, but not a drop to…make sense of the customer journey, until now. Your top priority is connecting the dots between each and every customer touchpoint to drive more relevant messaging. You recognise the importance of encouraging once disparate operations teams and external vendors – through the help of a TMS – to share datasets. Being able to access data from multiple channels means that everyone – including the marketing department – can be on the same page.
The Innovator
(Most innovative use of Tealium technology)
As the master of innovation, you knew you were onto a good thing by incorporating Tealium’s marketing technology stack into your existing operations. Ensuring consumer-concentricity in all of your marketing efforts is the key objective and you’re achieving great results through using the technology in the most innovative way possible. You’re winning because you can already see your campaigns delivering – and are proud to share the results with the world.
Digital Maverick
(Best consumer-centric digital strategy)
Digital is here. Digital is evolving. As leaders in the space, now is your time to shine and do what you do best. Your organisation grasps the concept of providing customers with a truly immersive experience in real time. You do this by using sophisticated, adaptive tools and – while human input is vital – you are not afraid to move beyond traditional, tried-and-tested methods to help you connect data touchpoints, constantly searching for ground-breaking tech to engage your customers.

Entry Details
To enter the Digital Velocity Awards, you must submit the following:

1. Visualise
A video or other visual asset to illustrate your use of Tealium

2. Written Entry

  • A summary pitch of how you are using Tealium – this should be a max of 100 words
  • Setting the scene – a description of the challenges your were facing, your selection process and the objectives of using Tealium including details of how the campaign or use case came about and who was involved
  • The Full Story – what happened, how, why and when? The results – for your internal business and your customers

The following information must be listed at the beginning of your written entry:

  • Category Entered
  • Your Name, Job Title and Company
  • Tealium Products used

Your written entry must not exceed 2 pages (12 point type face, single line spacing)

3. Image
You will also need to supply an image with your entry as this will be displayed on the website if you are shortlisted. The image should be a minimum of 300dpi and no larger than 15mb. Please note if your image is displayed on the website it will automatically be cropped and optimised for display.

Confidential information
All shortlisted entries will be available for online viewing. Confidential information must be clearly marked with the submission and will be removed before the entry is made available online.

How do I Enter?
Your written entry must be submitted in PDF format. Once you have your visual, written entry and image ready, email these elements to with the Subject: Digital Velocity London Awards Entry or click the link below. You will receive confirmation email once your entry has been received.

Entry queries?
Contact Charlotte Morgan on:
Email: or 07464484254