Digital Velocity London 2018

We’re hard at work on delivering our 2018 Digital Velocity agenda

Tuesday 12th June – Digital Velocity London – Day 1

* Please note agenda is subject to change




Welcome & Digital Velocity Kickoff
Lindsay McEwan, VP of EMEA, Tealium


Headline Keynote: Face the Challenge Ahead and Take On Life
James Ketchell: The Ultimate Triathlete

Every day we are faced with new challenges, how we tackle them will determine the life we live. From seemingly simple office queries to rowing across the Atlantic, each challenge requires a demonstration of strength and dedication. Find out how Global Adventurer, James Ketchell, prepares to take on life and overcome some of the world’s greatest challenges; through the dark times and the good. The first and only person to have rowed across the Atlantic Ocean, successfully climbed Mt Everest and cycled 18,000 miles around the world; James Ketchell, the ultimate triathlete.


Tealium CEO Overview
Jeff Lunsford, CEO, Tealium




Customer Presentation
James Morgan, Sainsbury’s


Tealium Product Sneak Peek: Tealium iQ and EventStream
David Morris




Diamond Sponsor Thought Leadership Keynote Presentation
Diamond Sponsor


Customer Speaker: How to drive personalisation at a global B2B company: insights and learnings
Korbinian Spann, W. L. Gore & Associates (the GORE-TEX® company)

This session shows the necessary steps to realize a framework for personalisation within a global B2B company. In this case, a relaunch of the analytics and tracking infrastructure was the beginning of the transformation.
Examples in relation to the outdoor industry are provided to demonstrate the implementation of a technical infrastructure and the development cycle for designing and creating user stories in a global context.

This session specifies a robust multi-channel measurement framework that focuses on conversion and engagement. The following four steps structure the session:

  1. The global setup and the implementation of a global measurement framework: consumer access
  2. Tracking and technical setup
  3. The US pilot
  4. The Use cases


Tealium Product Sneak Peek – AudienceStream and DataAccess
Tealium Speaker


Customer Presentation
Customer Speaker




Digital Strategy Session
Tealium Speaker


Data Panel Session
Hosted by David Reed, Knowledge and Strategy Director, DataIQ
Panelist: Charlotte Richards, Audience, Insight and Analytics Director, News UK
Panelist: James Morgan, Head of Information Strategy and Management, Sainsbury’s
Panelist: Nondas Sourias, Director, Bupa Healthcare Analytics, Bupa


Customer Presentation
Julian Brewer, Schroders


Digital Velocity London, Day 1 Closing Remarks
Lindsay McEwan, VP of EMEA, Tealium


Networking Drinks Reception


The Digital Velocity London Awards Dinner

Wednesday 13th June – Digital Velocity London – Day 2




Digital Velocity London, Day 2 Kickoff
Lindsay McEwan, VP of EMEA, Tealium


Keynote: Data-driven content innovation at Talpa Network
Wouter Postma, Talpa Network

Building the next generation real-time Smart Data Platform by creating a single view of our consumers with the ability to automate and personalize actions across every touch point and channel in our entire Talpa Network ecosystem.


The Tealium Product Roadmap
Mike Anderson, CTO & Founder, Tealium



Tealium Education and Roundtables


Getting Started: Building a Solid Foundation for the UDH

Learn how to feed the UDH by modelling your Data Layer to capture the vast amounts of customer interaction data that flow from your digital properties.

Deep Dive: Identity Resolution (AudienceStream)

This deep dive will take you through the process to identify your Identity Resolution opportunities. You will see how Tealium can enable you to build that crucial 360 degree, real-time view of your customers.

Getting Started: Solving the Data Fragmentation Problem

Learn how the different Data Access solutions can help you to fuel deeper customer insights. Use the power of AudienceStore or AudienceDB to enhance your campaigns, or use EventStore or EventDB to gain understanding of your customers experiences on your digital properties.

Roundtable: Data Collection & Ownership: What % of Your Data Can You Activate?

Roundtable: 3rd Party Data in a Post-GDPR World – Viable?





Getting Started: EventStream

Learn how EventStream helps you bring all your cloud-based (server-side) data to one, central hub where anyone can orchestrate the data powering customer experience. See how Data Sources and Event Specifications can help you streamline your data flows.

Lab: Defining and configuring your Data Layer

This self-paced hands on workshop will enable you to analyse, identify a set of Data Layer variables, then configure those variables in Tealium iQ. You will have access to Tealium Experts to assist and answer questions while you complete the workshop.

Lab: Identity Resolution (AudienceStream)

This self-paced, hands on workshop will enable you to identify valid identity variables, and configure a Visitor ID attribute for Visitor Stitching. You will then test your configurations using Trace. You will have access to Tealium Experts to assist and answer questions while you complete the workshop.

Roundtable: The Single Customer View: Mind The Gap

Roundtable: Location to Loyalty: Leveraging Mobile to Drive Wider Intelligent & Consented Engagement

Deep Dive


Getting Started: The Building Blocks of AudienceStream

Learn how to use Attributes and Enrichments to enhance your visitors profiles with meaningful, actionable data.

Deep Dive: Data Collection and Management

This deep-dive will enable you to see the end to end process of creating a Data Layer and EventStream Data Sources, build Event Specifications, and send the data on to your other systems.

Getting Started: Tealium iQ Tag Management - Adding your first tag

This session will help attendees new to Tealium iQ understand the process to implement their first tag. You will learn how to ensure the correct data is sent to your vendor every time.

Roundtable: GDPR: Online Engagement: Where are we now and do we determine legitimate interest?

Roundtable: Data Management: Embrace Silos or Centralise?





Deep Dive: DataAccess

This deep dive will show you how you can use EventStore, EventDB, AudienceStore, and AudienceDB to enhance your customer insights, add value to your Business Intelligence and Analytics, and use the resulting information to fuel your AudienceStream data sets.

Getting Started: Tealium iQ Tag Management - Controlling Tag Behavior

This session will help attendees new to Tealium iQ understand how to control their tags. You will learn how to ensure your tags trigger at the right time based on your customers interactions with your site.

Lab: Data Collection and Management (Tealium iQ and EventStream)

This self-paced, hands on workshop will enable you to configure EventStream Data Sources, build Event Specifications, and send the data on to other systems. You will have access to Tealium Experts to assist and answer questions while you complete the workshop.

Roundtable: The Art (Or Science) of Attribution Across a Myriad of Data Sources & Devices

Roundtable: Identity Resolution: Is Probabilistic Identity Resolution Good Enough?

17:30               End of Digital Velocity London 2018