Welcome to Tealium University

Tealium University is the industry’s most comprehensive training program for tag management and digital data distribution. Led by digital marketing veteran Clint Ivy, the hands-on training program will be a key part of Digital Velocity Europe 2014.

Designed for customers and agency partners, Tealium University covers a wide range of material, from tag management fundamentals to advanced techniques covering e-commerce, mobile tagging, video, and more. This year, Tealium will debut new sessions covering digital data distribution and how to maximise the value of your audience.

The afternoon of Digital Velocity Europe 2014 will be dedicated to Tealium University as part of a classroom-style training program featuring live demo sites, expert instructors, certification and free training materials.

Tealium University is broken into two tracks, a business track for marketers, and a technical track for developers:

Business Track

Who should attend: Individuals new to Tag Management systems or Tealium iQ that are looking for a strong foundation to build their tag management expertise upon.  Individuals who don’t need a deep, technical understanding of Tag Management but would like to understand the basics of how it works and how it can help their digital marketing efforts.

Getting started with Tealium iQ
Introduction to Tag Management principles and the Tealium iQ interface.

Future-Proofing Your Digital Marketing Programs (Committing to the Data Layer)
Committing to data-centric tag management and the importance of data layer design in a successful tag management deployment.

The Analytics Use Case
In a working session format, attendees configure an analytics tag , discover load rules, eliminate data duplication and streamline their e-commerce reporting with Tealium iQ.

Refining Your Data with Tealium iQ Extensions
In this working session, attendees leverage the power of Tealium iQ extensions and Web Companion to health check their Tag Management implementation, target specific data discovered on their website and build Extensions that customise and expand their data collection capabilities.

Technical Track

Who should attendIndividuals with a solid grounding in Tealium iQ and Tag Management who are also advanced analytics users looking to get the most out of both systems.

Advanced Event Tracking with Tealium iQ 
User interaction with a website is a very complex system and many analytics tools don’t track all business critical event data easily. We will step through some advanced event tracking scenarios including advanced e-commerce events, advanced link tracking and working with sites or pages built with AJAX as well as looking at leveraging Load Rules to manage where and when tags load and fire.

Developer Tips & Tricks

It’s technology, it can break.  Learn the architecture of Tealium iQ and how to identify errors in implementation by understanding the internal structure of Tealium iQ’s utag.js

Introduction to Audience Stream
Learn the core principles of AudienceStream and what it does. Review the user interface and become familiar with the basic tasks of defining attributes, discovering audiences and distributing them to your marketing service providers.