The Digital Velocity Awards are back!

Celebrating Inspirational Use of Data

The Digital Velocity Awards 2018 are now closed. Winners will be announced at the Awards Dinner on Tuesday 12th June.

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At the very heart of an organisation lie the pathways to go beyond limitations. Those who push outward create the future. They dare others to follow their lead in order to transform what’s possible into reality. Do you know an organisation that has worked with Tealium to reimagine the possibilities of their data? It could be you! If so, submit a nominee(s) for this year’s Digital Velocity Awards.

Tealium recognises the need for each entry for the Digital Velocity Awards to be judged without bias or influence. To ensure fair judgement of each entry, against the criteria of the category entered, Tealium has appointed a panel of independent judges chaired by David Reed, Knowledge and Strategy Director at DataIQ.

The Digital Velocity Awards
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“People make a difference. Which makes these awards such a good fit with DataIQ and our mission to build professional recognition for great data, analytics and marketing practitioners.”

David Reed

The Categories for the Digital Velocity Awards 2018 are:

Data Mobiliser
The constantly connected consumer never has their phone far from reach. The Data Mobiliser is a stand-out performer in this space; an individual or business that is using data to deliver consistently engaging mobile experiences.

Data Governor
Data is increasingly important to everyday business operations, so, ensuring correct governance is critical. The Data Governor demonstrates complete control of the data they use and an unparalleled transparency with consumers.

Data Activist
The true value of data is seen when businesses act on the insights garnered. The data activist can demonstrate multiple examples of data being used to drive engagement, leading to remarkable business results.

The Collaborator
Overcoming departmental silos, the Collaborator bands people together to embrace silos and unite teams. As a result the business now operates a data driven culture, basing their decisions on insight rather than opinion across departments and/or territories.

The Stack Master
Creating consistency throughout customer journey requires each touchpoint to be connected; sharing data insights to fuel each engagement. The Stack Master ensures that data is universally accessible across multiple technology platforms to build consistent and intelligent engagement cross-channel.

The Revolutionary
New ideas and creative application of data is revolutionising the industry. The Revolutionary demonstrates a unique and highly innovative use of data that led to amazing business results: competitive advantage, exceptional customer experience or consistently intelligent engagement.

The Judge’s Choice Award
All entrants will be considered for the Judge’s Choice Award. Entering awards is an art, so, this category has been created for an entrant that is doing something a little bit special, interesting or worthy of recognition even if it does not conform with the overall criteria for the category entered. To acknowledge this unique characteristic the judges will name this entry as the Judges Choice.

Before submitting an entry to the Digital Velocity Awards, we recommend you review the terms and conditions of the awards to ensure you are happy with the process.