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Data Mobiliser

The constantly connected consumer never has their phone far from reach. The Data Mobiliser is a stand-out performer in this space; an individual or business that is using data to deliver consistently engaging mobile experiences.

Judging Criteria:

Judging Criteria Description Marks Available
Generic Criteria
Overcoming Challenges Consider the business challenges this project was looking to overcome and how restrictive the situation was before completion of the project. 10
Agility Review the organisation’s ability to react to the market or manage their customer experience. The completed project should have improved agility, demonstrated in the entry with clear examples. 10
Scale Consider whether the completed project for this nomination has demonstrated how the business is able to now scale their operation to meet the needs of the organisation. 10
Innovation Demonstration of innovative ways to engage with audiences or an innovative approach to the way in which the project was deployed. 10
Data Use Clear examples of data control and sharing to maximise the achievable output from each data source. This could include increasing the use of data across the business or developing greater insights from existing data sources. 10
Category Specific Criteria
Mobile Experience Demonstration of engaging experiences they have built that deliver true value to the consumer. 25
Use of Technology Review the best use of technology to deliver the mobile experience, this could be through integrations, incorporation of mobile in a wider campaign or ingenious app design. 25