Digital Velocity Australia 2018

This year’s conference will focus on transforming your digital business by using data to fuel more customer­-centric experiences.


* Please note agenda is subject to change

800 – 900


900 – 905

Welcome to Digital Velocity
Adam Corey, CMO, Tealium

905 – 925

Opening, CX Overview
Jeff Lunsford, CEO, Tealium

925 – 1005

Building Future-Ready Data: Tealium Product Strategy
Mike Anderson, CTO and Founder, Tealium

1005 – 1035

Fireside Chat – High Stakes Engagement
Mark Migliorini, CMO, Sportsbet
Niall Keating, Head of Marketing Technology & Data, Sportsbet
Adam Corey, CMO, Tealium

Data Driven CX Engagements. Dove tail in to products and being purposebuilt – how Mobile, AI/ML, Culture, Disruption is part of it.

1035 – 1055


1055 – 1120

Fireside Chat – Responding to Retail Disruption
Kate Morris, Founder, Adore Beauty
Adam Corey, CMO, Tealium

1120 – 1140

Customer-Centric Experience Through Data
Chris Slovak, VP Global Solutions Consulting, Tealium

1140 – 1210

The Marketing Data Chain and an Untapped Opportunity
Madelyn Mills, Director, Marketing Platform, Providence St. Joseph Health

For too long Marketers have been at the end of the data food chain; limited to nightly batched extracts, one-way data feeds, and manual uploads. However, in the context of a rapidly evolving landscape of predictive modelling, data science, and machine learning Marketing holds some of the earliest signals of customer intent. In this session, Madelyn Mills will talk about how Providence St. Joseph Health is integrating Marketing signals into their data supply chain, proposing a framework for evaluating your digital maturity, and looking forward at how Marketing data can influence the clinical customer experience.

1210 – 1310


1310 – 1335

Are You Transforming or Are You Mutating?
Adam Cordner, Tech Lead, Domo

Over the past decade, Transformation has become the holy grail for organisations around the world. It’s a journey that many companies have aspired to, planned and even commenced. But few have reached the summit, and those that have reached peaks along the way have found themselves more mutated than transformed.

So what is the key to successful transformation? Is this session, Adam Cordner will share the best practices he has observed as he has worked with leading brands around the region on their business transformation journeys. Adam will share the end to end strategies that successful companies adopt when planning transformation, from the customer to the board and from the CEO to the front line worker.

1335 – 1400

Mobile Rising
Catherine Ballantyne, Director Solutions Consulting, APAC, Tealium

Tealium EventStream, Mobile (use cases, being where customers are, focus on growth of mobile, and importance, developing a strategy for it).

1400 – 1425

Stacks, Not Suites - Building the Ultimate Data-Driven Digital Experience Capability
Dan Ross, Managing Director, Optimizely Australia and New Zealand

The world’s leading companies are choosing best-in-class solutions to power winning experiences and leapfrog their competition. Choosing the best and right tool for the job, these companies think differently and perform at high velocity in everything they do, every day.

They are breaking away from legacy suites and moving to open, integrated solutions.

Join Dan Ross as he talks about how organisations are using the finest technologies in the world to create the most elegant, customer-centric data lead experiences.

1425 – 1500

Is Your Data Useful?
Gerry Campbell, Executive Advisor and CEO, Frequency Group

CTO/ Discussion around Digital Transformation.

1500 – 1525

Choosing the Best Tools to Help You on Your Data Journey
Madeline Wong, Senior Manager Acquisition and User Experience, News Corp
Rajan Kumar, Managing Director, The Lumery
Moderator - Eyal Mekler, Managing Director, ANZ, Tealium

Being a Marketing maverick means you think differently about how you approach & execute on issues – a disruptor and an independent thinker. Thinking outside the box is what Madeline Wong, Senior Manager Acquisition and User Experience, News Corp has achieved in roles dating back to P&O cruises, facing challenging status quos in finding, engaging with & nurturing a vast customer base!
Over a panel discussion, join Madeline, Rajan Kumar, Managing Director, The Lumery & Eyal Mekler, Managing Director, ANZ, Tealium, as they explore some of the key decision criteria in determining the best tools for engagement, and what the best options are.

1525 – 1545


1545 – 1625

Panel Discussion – Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast
Phil Lees, Insights Manager, Intrepid Group
Shane Riddle, Chief Information Officer, National Heart Foundation
Scott Maxworthy, Head of Digital, Cronulla Sharks
Scott Holmes, Business Strategy and Development Manager, REA Group
Gerry Campbell, Executive Advisor/CEO, Frequency Group

1625 – 1650

Beyond the Hype: Are You Ready for the Data Economy?
Annette Slunjski, Managing Director, IAPA (Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia)

Forget armies of Terminators, in this session we present six pragmatic considerations, including examples, for any organisation seeking to use data and analytics to improve their business in the new data economy (and if ML or AI is in your future).

1650 – 1710

Recap and Digital Velocity Awards
Eyal Mekler, Managing Director, ANZ, Tealium

1710 – 1740
Networking Lounge


1740 – 2100

Reception Party