Digital Velocity Tokyo 2018
November 15 | Tokyo, Japan | The Ritz Carlton Tokyo

Congratulations to our 2017 Digital Velocity Award winners!

Nominations will open soon for Digital Velocity 2018.

At the very heart of an organization lie the pathways to go beyond limitations. Those who push outward create the future. They dare others to follow their lead in order to transform what’s possible into reality. Do you know of an organization who uses Tealium to reimagine the possibilities? It could be you! If so, submit a nominee(s) for this year’s Digital Velocity Awards.

Here are the categories:

Most Transformational

You are bringing the organization’s marketing strategy to the next level. Perhaps you set some KPIs in the beginning, but you exceeded them beyond limit. Or maybe you put a strategic effort in place that wasn’t there before or will be implementing something soon. It has become a rubric/template for others to follow, transforming what was imagined into what is and will be possible. Now you see digital marketing in a whole new light.

Marketing Maverick

You’re the best kind of troublemaker there is, because you take chances. You make others think differently about how they should approach things. You’re a disruptor, an independent thinker, and always looking ahead for the next groundbreaking move. You didn’t choose the maverick life. The maverick life chose you.

The Silo Breaker

‘Can we just all get along?’ is how you live your life. This organization walks the walk in bridging cultural and organizational divide, sharing data between teams and tools to build the cohesive customer experience that goes beyond just the marketing team.

The Mobilizer

The mobile experience was just the beginning. Now you’ve assembled the right team/tools that will bring the customer experience closer to the future. You’re thinking beyond desktop — about IoT, OTT, and connected devices.

The Governor

You embody the ideal of taking a unified approach to data. You are an organization that conducts the affairs of their customers data with the utmost sensitivity. Not only have you adopted data governance as a strategic opportunity to improve marketing relevance and timeliness, but you’ve taken data security measures and increased marketing effectiveness simultaneously.

Nominations will open soon for Digital Velocity 2018. Stay tuned.

*Information will not be shared externally without the consent of the nominee.